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Margie Myers Property Management Team Interview, then Decide!

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Margie Myers Property Managment Team
Owing investment property can be a real hassle. 
Margie Myers Property Management Team

can eliminate that hassle for you.

By utilizing our professional property management company,

you can optimize your investment.

More people are opting to rent rather than buy, due to current market conditions,

making your  property a prime candidate in the rental market.

Even in a stable housing market,

setting the rent can feel like an overwhelmingly

complicated calculation for an investment property owner.

With rents steadily rising to match growing demand,

the task seems even more difficult.

One of the best ways to make sure you are setting

your rent at a sensible price is to enlist the help of experts.


Service Plan

Discussing all phases of the management process

 Establishing a management program that allows the owner to be continually informed

 Establishing a rent range as a guideline using current data on the rental market;

 Using  competent, dependable service people, to perform periodic maintenance and emergency repairs,

always striving to keep the owner's costs at a minimum.

· Inspections to determine that the property meets basic Texas Landlord Tenant Law requirements,

i.e. locking devices, etc. and oversee required work to be accomplished.

 Advertising and showing the property for lease;

 Taking applications, evaluating and reviewing potential tenant applicants,

utilizing the service of a consumer reporting service for credit review, verification of employment,

past rental history, evictions, criminal background, NSFs, etc.

Taking the necessary steps to make sure leases are current, and tenants are in

compliance with existing leases.

 Maintaining a full accounting system, providing the owner with a monthly report,

yearend report and 1099 for tax purposes. Monthly reports and owner's proceeds are

distributed by our office when rent has been received and processed by the accounting office.

 We help improve tenant relations by providing 24-hour paging service for the tenants' needs,

questions, concerns and emergencies.



Margie Myers Property Management Team

will keep an eye on your bottom line

Team Contact information
Margie Myers, Partner
Jason Beaber, Partner
Melanie Beaber, Accounting


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